Rules & Regulations 2020

  1. “Members” are defined as fully paid members in good standing  and Member’s “Guests” (defined in “Guest Policy”) may use the Club facilities.
  2. Guest Fees (defined in “Guest Policy”) are Ten Dollars ($10) per day which may be applied towards a Membership for the current year. Non-members and Guests must be accompanied by a Member whose duty it is to register the Guest in the Guest Book in the Clubhouse.  The Member is responsible for collecting the Guest Fee, asking the Guest to sign the Waiver of Liability (“Waiver”), placing the Guest Waiver/s and Fee/s in the Guest Fee Envelope provided in the Clubhouse, and dropping the Guest Fee Envelope in the internal locked Membership Fees Mailbox or by giving it to an Executive or Committee member.
  3. Recreational playing time is limited to One (1) hour.  Organized Club tournaments and Intercounty League events shall be prioritized over Recreational Play.  When applicable, the Board shall allocate the number of courts to be allocated to organized events.
    1. When the courts are fully booked, Doubles shall take precedence over Singles play and Members playing Singles shall not refuse to play Doubles or to share the court if two other Members wish to join them within Ten (10) minutes of the start time.
    2. Bookings shall be made by two or four players who have arranged to play together. All Member names shall be written on the Court Scheduler under the court and in the time slot for the booking.
    3. If there are Members who have not made up a foursome, they may a) book a court in a time slot or b) join others on court to make a foursome within Ten (10) minutes of the start of the booking. A Singles which has been on court for Ten (10) minutes may continue for the remainder of the booking hour.
    4. Pre-arranged foursomes do not have priority over Members who have put their names on the Court Scheduler waiting to make a foursome
    5. Members may not book more than one court at a time.  If a Member is playing on court, the Member may not be booked for another court.
    6. At least Two (2) of the foursome must be at the Club by the allocated time otherwise the court shall be taken by other Members.  A courtesy period of Five (5) minutes shall be observed for latecomers.
  4. The tennis season shall be from the first Saturday in May through the end of October.
  5. Playing time, weather permitting:
    Daily Play:                 8:00 am -1:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm
    Maintenance:            1:00 pm – 2:00 pm; playing shall not be permitted
  6. Tennis apparel shall be worn and either i) flat soled tennis shoes without protruding tread or ii) clay shoes must be worn to protect the HarTru courts.
  7. Playing on the courts shall not be permitted during:
    1. Periods dedicated to court maintenance and watering; and
    2. Periods when the courts are too wet to play, and i) the Entry Gate will be double locked and ii) an announcement shall be posted to all Members that the courts are closed.
  8. The Club assumes no liability or responsibility for any losses or personal injury.  Members and Guests using the Club do so at their own risk.
  9. A key to the Entrance Gate may be purchased from the Executive for Fifteen Dollars ($15) and a receipt shall be provided.  The last Member shall lock the Clubhouse and the Entrance Gate.
  10. Washroom facilities and bicycle racks are available at the neighbouring swimming pool. The key to the washroom facilities is kept in the Clubhouse and must be returned immediately after use.
  11. Members shall be courteous:
    1. Members shall ensure that the courts and lines are swept following their period of play.
    2. Members shall wait for points to be concluded before running behind a court.
    3. Balls shall be retrieved as quickly as possible and returned to the playing court.