Terms and Conditions

I/we, for myself, my children, and those I’m legally responsible for do hereby release and waive all rights, claims, action,s and liability against Pine Point Tennis Club (PPTC), its executives, officers, directors, staff, contracted tennis pro and their staff, including, but not limited to, all losses, damages, expenses, costs, and fees resulting in any way, directly or indirectly, from my/our presence or participation in any PPTC related activities. I/we, hereby agree to abide by all PPTC policies, rules, and regulations, as well the direction of Executive members, tennis Pros, and staff. Any violations or conduct prejudicial to PPTC or its members may result in member discipline, suspension, and removal, including cancellations of membership, all without liability and reimbursement of fees. I/we, do hereby acknowledge and agree that I/we have carefully read, understood, and will abide by this Waiver and Release.