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Test 2

more fun stuff

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Adult Clinic

Lots of footwork

4$ 100.00 CADView Details
Morning Drill Clinic

Ideal for players that are looking to improve accuracy and consistency on the shots, focusing on the shape and path of the swing through repetition. Also, a great workout to start your day.

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Stroke of The Week

Four week program dedicated to: Forehand, Backhand, Volleys and Serves

6$ 52.50 CADView Details
Serve Clinic

Clinic designed to work on the most important stroke of all: the serve.

6$ 50.00 CADView Details
Morning Cardio Tennis

Workout clinic designed for drills and physical activities.

8$ 25.00 CADView Details

Clinic designed for 2.0 – 2.5 players.

6$ 52.50 CADView Details
Ladies Round Robin

Round Robin intended for ladies to have a place to play

$ 40.00 CADView Details
Doubles Strategy4$ 52.50 CADView Details
Test 2

some stuff here

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Program nameDescriptionParticipantsCostLink to Single Entry