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Tryouts (the “Tryout”, the “Tryouts”) for Pine Point Tennis Club Intercounty Mixed A, B and C Teams will be held at Mayfair West (Chesswood) on April 16, 19 and 20 from 9:30 pm to 110:30 pm. Each night will be dedicated to a different team tryout. You may only attend one (1) night.

Pine Point is welcoming Winston Churchill’s Mixed A-Team to participate in the Tryouts as Winston Churchill TC courts will be rebuilt this summer and the Mixed A-Team will be playing from Pine Point.

We are determined to field 3 winning mixed teams and with that objective, a position on a team is not guaranteed unless you attend the Tryouts.

There will be a cascading tryout format where players who do not win a position on the A-team will be considered for the B-team; players who do not win a position on the B-team will be considered for the C-team.

To make the Tryouts as objective as possible, the returning Member’s i) 2017 Intercounty performance and past performance in tournaments will account for 40% of the total Tryout score and ii) the actual Tryout match scores will account for 40%. Observation of the Member’s strategy, movement, mobility, skill level, shot selection, and compatibility with their partners during the Tryout matches will account for 20% of their score to total 10 points.

The Tryouts will consist of a 10-point tie-breaker with a time limit of 30 minutes per rotation. At the end of the tie-breaker, scores will be collected quickly, winners will be separated and moved up a court and losers will be separated and moved down a court. Pine Point’s Tennis Pro, Mark Iuliano and his associates, and all team captains and co-captains for the 2018 season will be observing the Tryouts, that is, team captains and co-captains will not be participating in the matches but will be observing matches along with the Tennis Pro.

The Tryout will cost each participant $12 to cover the courts and the professionals’ time and MUST BY PAID PRIOR to the Member being organized into a match at the Tryout. Also, participants in the Tryouts MUST BE PAID 2018 Pine Point Members or they will not be permitted to into the Tryout.

An Executive of the Board will be present at the Tryouts with 2018 Membership Applications and to receive your cheque for 2018 Membership Fees. Information is available on the website at

Please contact the following captains and/or co-captains by email to provide advance notice of your one night of attendance at the Pine Point 2018 Intercounty Tryouts:

A-Team on April 16th:
Mark Iuliano Jeannette Loakman Ari Birman

B-Team on April 19th:
Sergei Rezaev Constantin Cheran

C-Team on April 20th:
Dana Shirran