2019 Membership Programs

We are very excited to present new ways for your friends to join Pine Point Tennis Club (“PPTC”) and you may benefit as well!

1.     2019  REBATE PROGRAM

NEW  in 2019/20, we are presenting an incentive program for ALL members of PPTC.  It’s an offer you cannot refuse!!!  Bring your tennis buddies!

It is really simple! When you refer one member and they join – you will get 25% off your membership, 2 members – 5-% off, 3 members – 75% off and if you bring in 4 members  –  your membership is free!.

*if you already paid your dues, the offer applies to the following season.

The new member must include your name in the “Member Referral” line of their 2019 Membership Application Form at the time of application.  Previously received applications will not be amended to be referrals by an existing Member.

The 25% Rebate Program may not be combined with the “Early Bird Program”, and it does not apply to “Family” memberships.   The 25% Rebate Program does not apply to incoming Winston Churchill TC members, however, once someone is a Member (fully paid), any Member may participate by referring to other new members.  The Program is limited to two (2) referrals per Member.


The Early Bird Program entices returning members to pay their 2020 membership fees in advance and usually prior to the end of the calendar year.  It may not be combined with the 25% Rebate Program.  The details of this program will be announced in Fall 2019.