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Junior Programming at Pine Point Tennis Club

Offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5-7pm

Select your day and level of play!
Then come ready to develop your skills and take your game to the next level.

Red Ball ½ court
6:1 Ratio
Orange Ball ¾ court
6:1 Ratio
Green Ball Full court
4:1 Ratio

Spring Session May 8th – June 30th (8 weekly classes) $240

Summer Session July 3rd – September 1st (9 weekly classes) $270

Fall Session September 4th – September 29th (4 weekly classes) $120


Beginner (Red Ball): A fun way to introduce kids to the game of tennis. Participants will learn in a safe and fun environment through the games-based approach to learning while also working on the 5 basic FUNdamentals. Progressive nets, slower balls, appropriate sized racquets make it the right time to learn! Ages (5-8) 12 spots available.

Novice (Orange Ball)– Players will build on the 5 fundamentals. This is the most important stage of progressive tennis development. Court size is from the service line with the potential to play from 3/4 of a full court. Typically orange colour sized tennis balls will be used to rally and play games with. Ages (7-10) 6 spots available

Intermediate (Green Dot Ball) kids at this stage can typically rally over a net from the service line(half of a regular court) Players will be now challenged at a 3/4 court stage. They have an idea of how to hit the ball at the different stages of the court including the net. Players will learn through a variety of drills and games. Players will learn to compete while emphasizing good sportmanship and fair play. (ages 9-12) 6 spots available

Advanced: Players at this stage have an idea of all the shots in tennis and show they can play on a full court. A mixture of easy play and regular tennis balls will be used both as a teaching aid to improve at a quicker rate. Players should be able to rally and play from the 3/4 court line and will then move to the full court line based on the level of the group. Players will learn to compete in both singles and doubles. Many players in this group also play for Leaside’s junior teams or play outside the clinics as well for fun! (Ages11-16) 6 spots available

Exceptions and group placement may change based on age, skill level, athleticism, motor skills, ability to follow instructions, advancement over the course of classes, and the coach’s discretion.