Ball Machine2020-07-06T15:07:12-04:00

When using ball machine:

  1. Please reserves court 4, or court 1 during prime time 8AM-12AM, 5PM-10PM.
  2. If someone reserves the court 2, or 3 during prime, the reservation WILL be cancelled
  3. Ball machine is in the shed, if you paid for the usage, you will have the code to enter
  4. Keep balls out of the machine in provided basket
  5. When finished, take the balls out, plug the machine in and make sure you leave the remote.
Court Etiquette2020-07-06T15:00:56-04:00

There are few, simple rules to keep in mind:

  1. Wait until play is finished before walking on the court,
  2. Wait until the point is over, before walking behind players,
  3. Ask for the ball, when it roll over to another court, instead of running over to get it.
  4. Pick up your stuff! Empty ball cans and tops, water bottles, etc.
  5. Clay courts: brush the courts when finished playing, clean the lines afterwards.
  6. Don’t spill soft drinks  – it affects the surface.
Payment and Registration2020-06-25T09:59:42-04:00

To join the club, please go to the main sign up page and fill in the online form.
After filling it in and agreeing to the general waiver, you can complete the payment.
*The payment is secure and we do not store your card information.
Upon completing the payment, you will receive an invoice.

You should also receive an email with an activation link, please follow it and complete registration.
Please note that if you joined more than one member, only the first member is registered, any other members have to complete registration separately.
They will receive an email with activation link, please follow the link to activate.

If you did not pay your membership online, please let us know and we will manually send you a registration link.

Court Booking2020-07-19T15:21:03-04:00

To book a court, please log in via the MEMBER LOGIN link in the upper right-hand corner.

  1. Once logged in, click on “I want to book a court” button, complete the health check.
    (you can see the guidelines here, Only the booking person has to fill in the health checker)
  2. You can book a court one day in advance and for 2 hours at the time.
  3. Choose the desired time, and choose a player(s) from a dropdown list.
    (at this time we do not allow guests)
  4. Click on, save to complete the reservation, you and your player should receive a confirmation email shortly.
  5. If you wish to cancel your court, please log in, and cancel the court.

*When booking doubles, you have to indicate all 4 players (at this time, we need to keep records as per City Guidelines)

Lessons and Clinics2020-06-13T17:12:49-04:00

Lessons and clinics

Only singles and semi-private lessons are offered at this time.

Please contact the club pro for details: Mark Iuliano

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