To join the club, please do the following:

1.     Go to the top menu and click “Sign up”, or click on the “Join Us” button

2.     Choose the Membership you would like to purchase and click “Join Now”.

3.     Complete purchase.

6.    You will receive an email with further information.

A: To book a court, please log in via the MEMBER LOGIN link in the upper right-hand corner.

1.     Once logged in, click “Book a Court”.

2.     Choose the desired time (you can book a court 5 days in advance for 1 or 2 hours at a time).

3.     Choose a player or multiple players from the dropdown list.
* you must choose all of the players.

4.     Click on “Save” to complete the reservation. All players should receive a confirmation email.

5.     If you wish to cancel your reservation, please log in and cancel the court.

            * When booking doubles, you must enter all 4 players. 

Guest are allowed at the club for 4 times a season

We require a guest email

There is a guest fee of $10.00, which is payable by members

A:  Please contact our Club Pro for details:

Mark Iuliano



A: No, if you are a Member of Pine Point Tennis Club then there are no court fees. Select events do have a fee.

The ball machine is available at no charge to members only.

Members need to book the court for ball machine practice.

There is a one-hour time limit per use. (be respectful )

A: There are a few simple rules to follow:

1.     Wait for points to finish before crossing another court.

2.     When your ball rolls onto another court, ask for it to be sent back rather than running over to get it.

3.     Cooperate in keeping the Club clean – remove empty ball cans and tops, water bottles, etc.

4.     Clay courts need special care: brush the courts when finished playing and then clean the lines.

5.     Replace the court brushes facing out (it preserves the brush)

A: Intercounty teams are competitive teams that play in leagues run by the Intercounty Tennis Association (https://intercountytennis.com).

There is no fee to join the team, however, players will be asked to contribute a small fee for each home game in order to purchase food.

If you are interested in joining an intercounty team, please contact team representative and we will direct you to the appropriate team captain.