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This year Pine Point is starting a Box Ladder to give women and men the opportunity to play matches with a variety of players in a competitive, but friendly environment.

LADDER TIME FRAME: The Ladder Season will run from June 1st to the end of September.

Cost and Prizes: There will be no cost to enter the Ladder and winners of various segments will be awarded prizes. Each player will bring a can of NEW TENNIS BALLS. The winner will receive the un-opened can and the loser takes the used balls.


The type of Ladder that we are playing is called a Box Ladder. There will be 4 to 5 people in a box, depending on the number of entries. The intention is that you will play each person in the box during each month. For now we will manually update the boxes and the player will record their scores on our sheets at the club. We will be installing a Gametime Ladder program as the season goes by.

You can join a ladder at any time, however new entrants will only begin play at the beginning of the following month. At the end of each session (the 30th of each month), the Ladder will be shuffled. The top 2 players will move up a box, the bottom 2 players will move down a box, and any new players will be added. To ensure active participation in the ladder, players who have not played any ladder matches at the end of the month will be relegated to a lower box or removed from the ladder and will need to re-register to participate the following month.

When you begin play, you will be placed in a box with players of similar skill levels. A Ladder is meant to give everyone a competitive match, so identifying your current skill level is important. Your skill level will be rated by our professional staff. (Ratings recommendations are also shown at our club on the north curved cupboard)

Note that to keep boxes balanced, and to accommodate new entrants and people dropping out, shuffles and box sizes may vary slightly.


All Ladder Matches are one hour including warm-up. The Ladder matches will be an 8 game pro set with a tie-breaker at 7-7. A 3 point deuce should be played at 40 – 40. For example Player A defeats Player B by a score of 8-6. Player A gets 8 points and Player B gets 6 points.
Should you run out of time the score recorded will be that at the end of the last completed game (eg. 7-3)


Players who play everybody in the box gets 5 bonus points.


If you are playing a match and one player has to withdraw because of injury, the other player will get all the remaining points available. For instance if the score is 4-4 and player A retires, player B would win 8-4.

If match(es) aren’t played due to injury or cancellation, the score will be 8-0 in favor of the other player. No bonus points available.

ADMINISTRATION: John D’Mello is organizing the ladder and he can be contacted at 647-854- 0741