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Adult Ladder

Each player shall bring a can of new tennis balls. The winner will receive the unopened can and the loser will take the used balls.

In the Box Ladder format, there shall be 4 to 5 people in a Box and each player will play the other participants in the Box during the month.

At the end of each month, the Ladder will be shuffled so that the top 2 players will move up a Box, the bottom 2 players will move down a Box, and new players will be added.  Participants who have not played during the month will be moved down a Box or removed.  Once removed, a Member must reregister for the Ladder.

Boxes will be organized by level of play. To keep Boxes balanced, and to accommodate new players and those dropping out, shuffles and Box sizes may vary slightly.

All Ladder matches shall be One (1) hour including warm-up. The Ladder matches will be an 8-game pro-set with a tie-breaker at 7-7 and a 3-point Deuce shall be played.  Scoring is by the number of games won by each player.   If time runs out, the score will be as of the last completed game.

Players who play every player in their Box shall receive Five (5) bonus points.

If matches are not played due to injury or cancellation, the score will be defaulted  8-0 in favor of the other player.