NEW  in 2018, an offer for ALL members of PPTC.  You cannot refuse!!!  Bring your tennis buddies!

If you refer a new member, you will receive a twenty-five percent (25%) discount on your 2019 membership.  The new member must include your name in the “Member Referral” line of their
2018 Membership Application Form when they apply.  (Previously received applications will not be amended into referrals by an existing Member.)

That’s right!!   If you are a Senior, you may refer a Senior or an Adult, and you will receive 25% off the Senior rate in 2019.  If you are an Adult, you may refer an Adult, and you will receive 25% off your 2019 membership.  If you are a Junior referring a Junior, you will receive 25% off your 2019 membership.

Rules:  Only Juniors may refer Juniors.  The 25% Rebate Program may not be combined with the “Early Bird Program”, and it does not apply to “Family” memberships.   The 25% Rebate Program does not apply to incoming Sir Winston Churchill TC members, however, once anyone is a Member (fully paid), any Member may refer new members.  The Program is limited to two (2) referrals per Member.