Our 2018 Member-by-Lesson Program offers non-members the opportunity to learn by taking clinics and private lessons while working towards becoming a Member of PPTC at the same time.

Each lesson or clinic must be accompanied by a Guest Fee of Ten Dollars ($10), paid to the Tennis Pro.  After 20 lessons, the Adult non-member will be a fully paid 2018 Member, and after 6 lessons, the Junior will be a fully paid 2018 Junior Member of PPTC.

The non-member must indicate “Mark Iuliano, Head Tennis Pro”, in the “Member Referral” line of 2018 Membership Application Form.  The Member-by-Lesson is also eligible to participate in the 2018 25% Rebate Program by referring new members.

If at the end of the season, the Member-by-Lesson is not fully paid, all fees collected will be taken as Guest Fees.  The paid Guest Fees will not apply towards a membership fee in 2019.

The Member-by-Lesson may participate in the Friday night Live Ball Clinic along with the payment of the Guest Fee and may participate in Socials, however, may not be permitted to enter tournaments or to book courts or to use the Ball Machine until their membership is fully paid.  At any time, the Member-by-Lesson participant may pay the outstanding balance of their membership fees for full access to the programs of PPTC.